Our Ministries

Prayer & Worship

Altar Servers
Altar Servers are an important part of the Mass.  They assist the priest in the celebration of Mass and other liturgies.  You must be in grade 3 or higher and have received your First Holy Communion to become an altar server.  Being an altar server is an honor and a privilege, which provides the opportunity to participate in the liturgy in a special way.
Lectors proclaim the scriptures with clarity, understanding and conviction. They carrying the Book of the Gospels in procession and lead the prayer of the faithful during Mass.
Ministers of the Holy Eucharist
The role of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is to help distribute the holy Eucharist during the Masses. This is a vital and sacred ministry of the sharing of the Body and Blood of Christ. They also brings the Holy Eucharist to the sick, elderly or otherwise home-bound members of the Church.


Music Ministry
The Immaculate Conception Music Ministry offers a comprehensive Children’s Music Program, gifted Chancel Choir, Schulmerich handbells, magnificent pipe organ, and a vibrant concert series. Immaculate Conception’s glorious Roman architecture resembles that of the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Wall in Rome. Our unique combination of music and architecture creates great Sacred music in a great Sacred space.


A Lot to Grow
The Pope Francis is a vegetable garden tended by St. Teresa Parishioners and is located behind Immaculate Conception Church. We are partnered with A Lot to Grow, a community garden organization design to grow vegetables and herbs for distribution to local food pantries, soup kitchens and non-profit senior residences in suburban Essex County, NJ. Most of our produce goes to our own Mary's Pantry. We grow food and give it to the poor.
Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic service organization in the world with over 2 million members spread among 14,000 councils. Last year our members collectively donated more than 64 million volunteer hours and over 140 million dollars to charitable causes. The Montclair Knights of Columbus Council has been serving the St. Teresa of Calcutta parish for over 111 years. You will find our members serving as ushers, lecturers, Eucharistic Ministers, and volunteering at all parish affairs.We work together to cloth and feed the poor, collect donations to benefit individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, sponsor a bus ride to Washington DC to participate in the annual “March for Life”, and we support organizations like St. Paul Outreach which keep the Catholic faith alive on college campuses. Our Mission is to be the strong right hand of the St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish through our ministry of service.
Mary’s Pantry
Mary’s Pantry is located below the Parish Office on 1 Munn St. and has been in existence for many years thanks to the generosity of so many parishioners. Many of the needy of our community are fed thanks to their kindness. Food items can be dropped off at the entrance of the church (a special collection takes place on the last weekend of each month) or at the Parish Office. Mary’s Pantry is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am until 12pm and is manned by a group of volunteers. A special distribution takes place at Thanksgiving, in order to provide families with an enjoyable meal for the holidays.
Refugee Resettlement Ministry
We are a group of parishioners and members of the community interested in welcoming the stranger among us by assisting newly arrived immigrants find housing and employment. We support them in their journey to full assimilation. We are also currently working in conjunction with Catholic Charities to renovate the rectory at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church to create affordable housing for those in need. Please contact (908-358-4208) for more information.
We Care
"We Care" is an outreach ministry based out of the parish of Saint Teresa of Calcutta.  It was founded in 1992 in response to the AIDS crisis as a support group for those suffering with AIDS.  Currently, every Monday morning, we send  a full meal for 25 men and women to Saint Bridget's residence in Newark.  Saint Bridget's is a Catholic Charities funded home for men with HIV/AIDS.  If you would like to join this important ministry by cooking or driving one or two times a year please contact Catherine Mulroe at or 908-358-4208.