E-Giving Registration

If you are interested in joining E-Giving our Electronic Giving program you can do so directly On-Line by visiting our Parish E-Giving site here and register for a new account.

When you elect to use E-Giving your donations will automatically be withdrawn for your checking or credit card accounts.  It is safe and secure and you will be able to create and manage your account directly. You can register, change payment methods, change donation amounts, etc. and your changes are all  immediate.   If you have any questions, please contact Marcie Alexander at the parish office 973-744-5650 email:  parishoffice@montclaircatholics.org.

Thank you for supporting your Parish.

Some Notes on Maximizing your E-Giving:

  • Of the accounts listed, you want to donate to the “Sunday Offering”.  Once you’ve registered with the Church you will be sent an envelope packet.  The white envelope in the packet is – Your Sunday Offering,  You can check off the “e-giving” option on the white envelope and hand an empty envelope in with the collection if you like. (This allows you to have something to put in the collection, if you wish). For right now, ignore the other categories, and continue to use the envelopes for the special collections (air conditioning, maintenance, Peter’s Pence, etc.)


  • If you can have your funds come from a checking account instead of a credit card, the fee structure is much more favorable for our parish, so we will see more of every dollar donated


  • Similarly, please consider donating monthly vs. weekly.  The fewer times per month you donate, the better it is for the parish, since there is a fee for each time a transaction “hits”.  We are charged four times per month for weekly donations vs. once for monthly, so if you can take your weekly contribution and multiply by 4.332 and use that for your monthly donation, it would definitely help.  For example, if you give $50 a week, 50 x 4.332 = $217 per month (the .332 is an adjustment for a 52 week year)
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